Five Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency

June 10th, 2022 by

fuel efficient cars

With so many new fuel efficient cars on the market, you may be tempted to upgrade. But, you don’t necessarily need a new car in order to get better gas mileage. These tips can help you boost the fuel efficiency in your current vehicle.

1. Stop Idling So Much

With temperatures climbing, it can be very tempting to start your car and get the a/c going for a while before driving. And while this can improve your comfort a little, it’s probably not worth the amount of gas this wastes.

2. Clean Out the Clutter

A really simple way to improve a car’s gas mileage is to make it as light as possible. This means that if you have things in your vehicle that just don’t need to be there, it is a smart idea to take them out.

3. Don’t Be in Such a Hurry

Do you routinely try to get to your destinations as quickly as possible? This is another way that gas gets wasted. Accelerating very quickly and going over the speed limit will result in having to stop to fill up more often.

4. Fill Up Your Tires

When is the last time you checked the psi (pounds per square inch) of your tires? In order to maximize your gas mileage, they need to be inflated to the right level. It’s important to note that your car’s built-in tire monitoring system will only alert you if the psi drops below 75 percent.

5. Get Your Oil Changed

Skipping oil changes will really hurt your fuel economy. This is because an engine needs clean and fresh oil running through it for maximum efficiency. Regardless of mileage, you should have your oil changed about every six months.

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